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Increase the rate at which your customers write product reviews by sixfold with Product Inserts – the secret sauce to crushing on Amazon.


of ALL clicks go those top-ranking products you see on the first page of Amazon.

Product Reviews

are a key factor that drive the leaderboards when it comes to earning one of these spots, which is why we’re here.

The Power of Suvae

Securing and maintaining prime real estate on Amazon's first page is the key to success, here's a comparison of the number of product reviews you will receive after selling the selected number of units with Suvae's Product Inserts vs without.

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What Do Your Customers Think?

Accelerating product reviews isn’t just about improving search rank—the ripple effect extends far beyond. Positively influencing Conversion Rates, ACOS, and Brand Image, merely scratches the surface of the benefits that lie beneath.

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higher conversion rates when consumers are exposed to 5,000+ reviews compared to between 501-1000.

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of Gen-Z consumers are more likely to purchase a product with over 1,000 reviews vs 100 reviews, assuming the rating is the same.

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of consumers are influenced by Ratings & Reviews compared to Price at 93%, making your product’s rating as crucial as its cost in their purchasing decisions.

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more ad spend required for products with a weaker review base to attain sales metrics comparable to those with a stronger review base.

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Our dashboard provides real-time metrics, enabling you to precisely monitor the performance of your Product Inserts.

For every Amazon business to go further, faster.

In the increasingly competitive landscape of Amazon, Suvae provides the strategic advantage you need to dominate your competition and fuel the growth of your business.

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We know adding another moving part to your business is the last thing you want to do. We handle everything required to integrate Product Inserts and require no input from you after the initial setup.

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