Onboard your business in less than

60 minutes

Analytics Dashboard

Unlock the power of insights with beautiful data visualizations

Branded Customer Form

Elevate your brand presence and create a memorable experience for your customers

Generate Mailing Lists

Effortlessly build warm mailing lists and increase customer LTV

From validating Order ID’s to dispatching your product’s post-purchase offer

we handle your entire flow.

Utilize Your Existing Inserts

No need for you to swap out your inserts for ours - we optimize the flow by handling the customer interactions generated from your existing inserts.

We are finally able to quantify the impact our inserts have on our products

  • Toniqq

After realizing how much time we were spending managing inserts ourselves we said ‘Hello Suvae’ and ‘Bye-bye VA’

  • VGAzer

Effortless to Operate

Powered by Amazon’s APIs, our dashboard tracks and displays each interaction with your inserts along with the corresponding product and order details.