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3 Steps to Become a Power Seller

Increase Quality and Quantity of Your Product's Ratings and Reviews


Search Ranking and Product Listing Quality are Improved


Traffic to Your Product Increases and You Begin Outperforming Competitors


Boost Sales-to-Review ratios by up to 600%

Imagine if your listings had six times as many reviews as they have now – I know, you wish we met sooner.

It’s not magic, but it sure feels like it

Package Inserts drive customer feedback resulting in enhanced Search Rankings, Product Listing Quality, and Brand Image while cutting Ad Spend and Return Rates.

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of all clicks go to products on the first page of Amazon, 60% of these go to the top three listings.

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more ad spend required for products with a weak review base to attain sales metrics comparable to those with a strong review base.

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‘up to’ increase in sales volume when your product receives Amazon’s Choice and Best Seller badges.

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‘up to’ lower return rates by improving your product documentation with increased customer feedback.

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The additional cost you will incure per unit sold.





Based on a 10% expected increase in your Sales-to-Review ratio (number of sales for each review received). This ratio can be adjusted from your dashboard.



Track results,
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View how your Package Inserts are performing and analyze post-purchase metrics, all with beautiful data visualizations from your dashboard.

For every Amazon business to go further, faster.

In the increasingly competitive landscape of Amazon, Suvae provides the strategic advantage you need to dominate your competition and fuel the growth of your business.

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We know adding another moving part to your business is the last thing you want to do. We handle everything required to integrate Package Inserts and require no input from you after the initial setup.

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